New features of nautical curtains

Sailing is a new style of curtains, which some with canvas substrate for production. The market is currently changing the curtains, drapes growing new varieties, new curtains style after another, is also accompanied by a number of new features curtains. Here we take a look at the curtains shading and insulation properties in addition to the traditional, what new features.

In addition to a strong nautical curtain insulation, but also has the function of noise and dust. Currently, the contamination of the city's more prominent, either noise or dust, are affecting people's normal life, but we can not because they do not open the window ventilation, so a new feature of the curtains was born, it can part of the effective noise isolation, can also block the smoke, particulate matter, pollen and other small particles from entering the room, keep the room fresh.


Another feature of this curtain is beautiful and comfortable, it is often in accordance with the owner's preferences, and other furniture of the room together constitute the overall style of the room, play a role in soothing nerves.

nautical curtains