When we can use gray-green curtain for home decoration?

When doing interior decoration, home style confirmation is come to first then inside decoration comes to next, furniture and some curtain decoration is the last process. It is easier to say than doing it. Especially when you are entering into curtain store and fall in love with the gray-green curtain, you are confusing if your furniture is go well with the gray-green panels. In order to answer your question, let us learn some knowledge about when can be used gray-green curtain for home decoration.

First:confirm your home style first

Different home style has its owe decoration quality which highlight not only the whole room performance but also house owner taste. If nautical style the house is, gray-green color curtain is not so good use for room decoration, for nautical style is close to ocean blue color. But you can consider to use gray-green curtain for home decoration if you home is in American style.


Second: confirm your house's main color theme

The main color determine the other accessories for home decoration. Chinese style for example, if the room color is close to dark, gray-green color curtain will only make room look more darker and lose its luster. However, elegant or natural European style can go well with gray-green curtain for home decoration, because elegant white color or natural wood color decoration item can match each other with gray-green color and they have great collocation quality.

gray-green curtain

Third:confirm place where the curtain hanging up

Some people fall in love with some color deeply and no one can change his mind. If those two notices have mention above can not meet what your need, and you want to have panels in gray-green color for home decor, please remember, do not hanging up the gray-green curtain in living room but instead of bedroom. The bedroom is personal privacy place where decorated with your favorite curtain is a happy ending.