When we can use gray-green curtain for home decoration?

When doing interior decoration, home style confirmation is come to first then inside decoration comes to next, furniture and some curtain decoration is the last process. It is easier to say than doing it. Especially when you are entering into curtain store and fall in love with the gray-green curtain, you are confusing if your furniture is go well with the gray-green panels. In order to answer your question, let us learn some knowledge about when can be used gray-green curtain for home decoration.

First:confirm your home style first

Different home style has its owe decoration quality which highlight not only the whole room performance but also house owner taste. If nautical style the house is, gray-green color curtain is not so good use for room decoration, for nautical style is close to ocean blue color. But you can consider to use gray-green curtain for home decoration if you home is in American style.


Second: confirm your house's main color theme

The main color determine the other accessories for home decoration. Chinese style for example, if the room color is close to dark, gray-green color curtain will only make room look more darker and lose its luster. However, elegant or natural European style can go well with gray-green curtain for home decoration, because elegant white color or natural wood color decoration item can match each other with gray-green color and they have great collocation quality.

gray-green curtain

Third:confirm place where the curtain hanging up

Some people fall in love with some color deeply and no one can change his mind. If those two notices have mention above can not meet what your need, and you want to have panels in gray-green color for home decor, please remember, do not hanging up the gray-green curtain in living room but instead of bedroom. The bedroom is personal privacy place where decorated with your favorite curtain is a happy ending.

Online Consultation help you finish cheap curtain purchasing

It is easy to see that life quality is improve and decorative requirement for interiors increasing improve. To promote your life quality, curtain selection for home decor is very important. How to do a cost-effective curtain for home decor can be learn from curtain price. And cheap curtain online consultation is great help for you.


Tips for cheap curtain selection online consultation

It is believe that every body want to buy something that is really what we was expecting to but cheap as much as it can. There are many choice for us when ask help from cheap curtain online consultation service. We can check it online when we have time, such shopping around is very convenient for us to take back home the right curtain for home decoration for curtain selection is very important when we doing home renovation. Because of this situation, more and more people believe that cheap curtain online consultation is very necessary. We do ask for help from cheap curtain online consultation to purchase a right curtain.

cheap curtain online

Cheap curtain online consultation is more convenient for curtain purchasing

When doing home renovation, shopping around and ask curtain price one by one is what we usually do. Spending server days or one month for curtain selection that is not good idea for curtain purchasing. Cheap curtain online consultation can be very helpful for which can show us what quality the curtain is and its price just at home. We can choose what we need here. Great online service provide you the best quality items with your affordable price. If you are interested in online consultation, just do it.

How to choose curtains for kids room

It is our responsibility to guarantee kids grow up healthy.Because without whom the human will not continue.Children are reserve human reproduction. Curtains play a dominant role in defining the look of a room and as such need special decoration. The curtains are very much a part of your kids’ room décor. You would need to choose them carefully. The print, color, and pattern of any curtains you might choose.Colorful and cheerful partterned curtain is good for children Psychology.

First:Choose a curtain according to the directions of the window

1:Direction is nessusary to consider when choose kids room curtains. If the window towards the east.The sushine will be very strong in the morning.Strong sunlight will burnt the children eyes and influence children sleep quality.In this case,we can use soft color like pale blue and green as curtains with which decline the strongly sunlight when kid wake up.

2: When the room’s window facing south where has sufficient light all the year round. So day and night shade is a right choice. Double layer style curtain is need to use here.By day develop the sign above, not merely can pervious to light. The upper layer using heavy fabric prevent the light perfectly while the inner side using sheer curtain.

3: The west facing windows will have strong sunlight in the afternoon. Sun with a western exposure makes room temperature heighten, especially fervent summer, the window often should be shut, or with curtain keep out. It is the most stongest sunlight at the momment. The funitures will easy dade if the sunshine always shining for a long time.So the pleated or wrinkle curtains here is nesessary.

cheap kids curtains in Blue Color with Blackout Function

4: It is said that the light marchs from the north of the window is the bright.It is one of natural light source that provide emotional appeal most.A bit thinner pervious to light organ shade and pervious to light the cloth with good effect art curtain.Such as pure color curtain.

Second:Choose curtains according to age and gender

You would need to consider when opting for curtains for your kid’s room is the latter’s age and gender.Ensure your little kid feel safe when us kind and peace pattern curtain while solder kids love bright colors, patterns and possibly cartoon images. So choose curtains according to your kid’s age and gender.

How to choose appropriate Kids Blackout Curtains for kids?

Kids Blackout Curtains are very important when it turns into summer.Because at this time, such curtains can help children from the burning sunlight and protect their tender skin. Kids Blackout Curtains can help children to have a better sleep as well. Without strong light, Kids Blackout Curtains of good quality can be the favorite thing of children?

First, the living room and dining room, Kids Blackout Curtains with light transmittance can be a good choice. Soft, thin cloth would be more appropriate to choose as the material of Kids Blackout Curtains for this situation
Second, the curtain area must completely cover the windows, which will reach the good shading effect. According to the window to make the length of the curtain. For example, the long window and window on the need to use the drapes, small windows of the house is small, must use the along-window curtain, the length should be determined according to the specific situation, and strive to achieve the balance of the beautiful visual effect.

Casual Kids Leaf And Floral Damask Cotton Curtains

Third, if the room for children is not so long, or relatively short or something. You'd better not choose those Kids Blackout Curtains with floral patterns or some other little patterns. Because such patterns will make the room smaller and not so bright. If the room is short, if there is no deep balconies and radiator below, the best choice is a pair of long curtains.

Fourth, curtains for small window should use large patterns instead of those large ones, which will make the room look like tense. Or in other word, the room will be significantly much smaller to child windows. The Kids Blackout Curtains for children should be vertical, this will give you the feeling of lengthening the window.

Kids Blackout Curtains

By the way, there are many different kinds of styles for you to choose when you are picking a pair of blackout curtains. I believe that everyone will one favorite design in his or her heart.

Select an appreciate curtain for your home decor

When choose a curtain printed with star patterns, the usage should be careful considered so that the curtain and the room can have a perfect collocation improvement. Also the curtain material. Different texture of curtain has different decorate achievements.Silk suede curtains or satin curtains, jacquard curtains and lace curtains create an elegant and gorgeous feeling; Corduroy and plaid curtains create a relax comfort surrounding feeling, simple and elegant.

Curtain is an important decorations for home decor and should pay more attention to during the selection process.If your home style is quiet elegant then remember do not choose the the faux silk curtains instead of choose some plaid patterned curtains or some thick heavy blackout curtains.Natural and idyllic patterns better choice for your home decoration.Like floral patterns, geometric patterns or star patterns are better choice.Star patterned curtain is simple but create a mystery performance that make your room look like the universe where is full of mysterious.It is blurred but yet full of curiosity. A simple elegant home style is perfect to decorated with these curtains styles.


If you have a wonderful gorgeous home improvement, then the thick fabric curtain printed or embroidered with elegant patterns are best for your home.With which make you room look more noble and masterful.Peony flower pattern is one the most beautiful and amazing curtains pattern.

Star patterned curtains

New features of nautical curtains

Sailing is a new style of curtains, which some with canvas substrate for production. The market is currently changing the curtains, drapes growing new varieties, new curtains style after another, is also accompanied by a number of new features curtains. Here we take a look at the curtains shading and insulation properties in addition to the traditional, what new features.

In addition to a strong nautical curtain insulation, but also has the function of noise and dust. Currently, the contamination of the city's more prominent, either noise or dust, are affecting people's normal life, but we can not because they do not open the window ventilation, so a new feature of the curtains was born, it can part of the effective noise isolation, can also block the smoke, particulate matter, pollen and other small particles from entering the room, keep the room fresh.


Another feature of this curtain is beautiful and comfortable, it is often in accordance with the owner's preferences, and other furniture of the room together constitute the overall style of the room, play a role in soothing nerves.

nautical curtains

Luxury shower curtain fabric contains cotton,silk or polyester

Luxury shower curtain fabric contains cotton,silk or polyester. We will suggest you guys to use silk curtain that is feel soft and comfortable,further more, silk curtain create an elegant performance when hanging up in front of house. Why don you try a beautiful shower curtain for your bathroom which can bring you more cheer and relax yourselves easily.