How to choose curtains for kids room

It is our responsibility to guarantee kids grow up healthy.Because without whom the human will not continue.Children are reserve human reproduction. Curtains play a dominant role in defining the look of a room and as such need special decoration. The curtains are very much a part of your kids’ room décor. You would need to choose them carefully. The print, color, and pattern of any curtains you might choose.Colorful and cheerful partterned curtain is good for children Psychology.

First:Choose a curtain according to the directions of the window

1:Direction is nessusary to consider when choose kids room curtains. If the window towards the east.The sushine will be very strong in the morning.Strong sunlight will burnt the children eyes and influence children sleep quality.In this case,we can use soft color like pale blue and green as curtains with which decline the strongly sunlight when kid wake up.

2: When the room’s window facing south where has sufficient light all the year round. So day and night shade is a right choice. Double layer style curtain is need to use here.By day develop the sign above, not merely can pervious to light. The upper layer using heavy fabric prevent the light perfectly while the inner side using sheer curtain.

3: The west facing windows will have strong sunlight in the afternoon. Sun with a western exposure makes room temperature heighten, especially fervent summer, the window often should be shut, or with curtain keep out. It is the most stongest sunlight at the momment. The funitures will easy dade if the sunshine always shining for a long time.So the pleated or wrinkle curtains here is nesessary.

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4: It is said that the light marchs from the north of the window is the bright.It is one of natural light source that provide emotional appeal most.A bit thinner pervious to light organ shade and pervious to light the cloth with good effect art curtain.Such as pure color curtain.

Second:Choose curtains according to age and gender

You would need to consider when opting for curtains for your kid’s room is the latter’s age and gender.Ensure your little kid feel safe when us kind and peace pattern curtain while solder kids love bright colors, patterns and possibly cartoon images. So choose curtains according to your kid’s age and gender.